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Total superannuation balance and small business CGT contributions post 30 June 2017

Philippa Briglia, Lawyer, and Bryce Figot, Special Counsel, DBA Lawyers Introduction One important point that may have been overlooked in the midst of the reforms is that while members with a total superannuation balance (‘TSB’) of $1.6 million or more on the last 30 June will not be able to make any non-concessional contributions (‘NCCs’) [read more]


DBA Lawyers’ SMSF deed

Daniel Butler ([email protected]), Director, DBA Lawyers Not only does DBA Lawyers have the best SMSF deed and documents available, we offer many value added benefits that are not available in other deeds. A review of a recent non-DBA Lawyers’ SMSF deed Before discussing some of the benefits of our SMSF deed, I summarise some review [read more]

Unlocking potential and avoiding pitfalls in SMSF property development

Unlocking potential and avoiding pitfalls in SMSF property development

Some may think that property development in an SMSF contravenes superannuation law. However, that is overstating the position. There is no blanket ban on property development in SMSFs. Rather, like many investments an SMSF can make, the key to compliance is on how the investment occurs. Extreme caution should be exercised before and during, since [read more]


PCG 2017/6 — roll back relief for certain pre-1 July 2017 death benefit pensions

By William Fettes, Senior Associate and Daniel Butler, Director, DBA Lawyers On 22 May 2017, the ATO released a new practical compliance guideline PCG 2017/6 regarding commutation of pre-1 July 2017 death benefit pensions that are currently being paid to a surviving spouse where the spouse would like to retain commuted amounts of pension capital [read more]

Understanding exempt current pension income (‘ECPI’) in view of super reforms

Co-authored by Daniel Butler, Director, DBA Lawyers Due to the complexity of the rules and the importance of complying with the law in relation to the pension exemption, we examine the two methods for calculating ECPI in respect of account style pensions (ie, account-based, allocated and market linked pensions) under the Income Tax Assessment Act [read more]

A guide for choosing which pension to commute

A guide for choosing which pension to commute

By William Fettes ([email protected]), Senior Associate and Bryce Figot ([email protected], [email protected]), Special Counsel, DBA Lawyers In the lead up to 30 June 2017, fund members with more than one account-based pension (‘ABP’) and total pension capital greater than $1.6 million will need to make a decision about which ABP to fully or partially commute to [read more]


Big changes for LRBAs on the horizon?

Co-Author Bryce Figot, Special Counsel, DBA Lawyers Treasury recently released some potentially game-changing exposure draft legislation in relation to limited recourse borrowing arrangements (‘LRBAs’) and their interaction with the transfer balance cap and total superannuation balance provisions. These are significant changes for Fund trustees considering entering into an LRBA in the future. Importantly, the amendments [read more]


Many strategies are based on the proportioning rule

Co-author by Daniel Butler, Director, DBA Lawyers Introduction We have had numerous queries about the proportioning rule over recent times. A common query is how does the proportioning rule apply and how do you calculate the tax free and taxable components in a superannuation benefit. This article is to assist you understand the fundamentals of [read more]


Advantages of the DBA Lawyers SMSF deed

DBA Lawyers is Australia’s leading SMSF law firm. We have been refining our SMSF deed for well over 20 years, making it the best SMSF deed available. Additionally, our SMSF deed contains numerous ‘value-added’ advantages that set it apart. Accordingly, our SMSF deed offers many benefits that are not found anywhere else. All of the [read more]

QROPS SMSFs must provide an undertaking to HMRC

QROPS SMSFs must provide an undertaking to HMRC by 13 April 2017 to prevent automatic loss of QROPS status

SMSF trustees that wish to continue as Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (‘QROPS’) will need to provide an undertaking to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (‘HMRC’) that they are aware of certain changes to the UK tax rules that apply to QROPS transfers. These changes are discussed in detail below. The undertaking using HMRC form [read more]