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Is the superannuation guarantee system in need of an urgent overhaul

Is the superannuation guarantee system in need of an urgent overhaul?

…ly to arise. There are further difficulties when considering that multiple awards may apply to the same employee and under these multiple awards, multiple categories of pay and entitlements may also apply to the same employee. To avoid an SG shortfall, employers generally contribute on the higher base to minimise any shortfall risk. Recent changes [read more]

Annual Update Service – Terms of use

…he President for the time being of the Institute of Arbitrators. 18.2. The awards or determinations made under this clause 18: (a) may comprise or include an order for the costs of the dispute against any party; and (b) shall be final and binding upon the parties. 18.3. Every arbitration made under this clause 18 [read more]


…ian Workplace Agreements, federal certified agreements or State industrial awards; to unfunded public arrangements; under a prescribed law (eg, public sector schemes); and under or in accordance with an agreement in force under the Employee Relations Act 1992 (Vic) and continues to be in force. * Note, this is an inclusive, not an exhaustive list. [read more]