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COVID-19: Key services

SMSF Lease Review Service
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Our lawyers can assist advisers and SMSF landlords by advising and preparing documentation regarding the SMSF landlord's ability to provide temporary rent relief to a related party tenant in a manner that may not jeopardise the SMSF's compliance with superannuation law.

For further information about SMSFs and rent relief due to COVID-19 refer to the following article:
Succession Planning Service
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Appointments with our expert lawyers to discuss your SMSF succession planning needs or general SMSF diagnostic considering COVID-19 to ensure a smooth succession to control of an SMSF and other succession arrangements.

For further information about SMSF Succession refer to the following articles:
Binding Death Benefit Nominations
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Providing certainty as to who gets a member’s death benefits and their super proceeds upon their death.

For further information about BDBNs refer to the following articles:

For training on BDBNs there is the SMSF Core Course- click here
Family Law SuperSplitting Documents for SMSFs
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Designed to assist and provide SMSF trustees and advisers with practical guidance on the steps required to ‘split’ superannuation in an SMSF context following a marriage or relationship breakdown.

The documents are tailored to the member’s specific circumstances and can cover either a ‘base amount’ or a ‘percentage’ split in relation to an SMSF’s member’s interest in the same SMSF.
Tax Services
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Assistance with new government stimulus and other incentives as a result of COVID-19 including:

  • JobKeeper payment for employers and employees

  • Boosting cash flow for employers