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COVID-19 Withdrawal Kit

COVID-19 Withdrawal Kit$660
Pricing includes GST

This kit is designed to assist accountants, financial planners, auditors, administrators and other SMSF professionals in respect of the new COVID-19 condition of release. It contains:

  • Template SMSF documentation such as trustee resolutions and related correspondence to ensure maximum regulatory compliance
  • Template adviser documentation such as correspondence from the adviser to members/trustees to ensure maximum protection for advisers
  • A detailed memo setting out strategic opportunities available, along with the steps that should be taken when withdrawing cash from superannuation pursuant to the new COVID-19 condition of release.

Single licence for multi-use by one user of the same firm, in the same office for a 12 month period (eg, one user in an adviser’s branch office can use on numerous occasions but each other user or office would require its own licence).