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SMSF Materials Database Kit

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DescriptionSoftcopy only
SMSF Materials Database$550

The SMSF Materials Database Kit provides a single license for multi-use by one user of the same firm, in the same office for a 12 month period (eg, one user in an adviser’s branch office can use on numerous occasions but each other user or office would require its own license).


In the past this has been a database available only to lawyers at DBA. It has been continuously updated and improved to ensure it contains the latest and most relevant information at the date it is supplied. Daniel Butler, Bryce Figot and their team who are considered among Australia’s top SMSF lawyers, use this product on an ongoing basis.

The SMSF Materials Database Kit is intended for use by advisers, accountants, estate planning lawyers and ‘switched on’ SMSF members.

What’s included

The SMSF Materials Database is a must have for all SMSF advisers. It is a detailed database of relevant ATO materials including SMSFRs SMSFDs, rulings, ruling compendiums, IDs, TDs, taxpayer alerts, circulars, practice statements, NTLG minutes, cases, AAT decisions and much more.

It provides a comprehensive resource for anyone who needs to quickly access SMSF related material and has hyperlinks to the materials on the web. Designed around an easily navigable Excel format, this is a highly practical resource of information.