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DBA Lawyers Trusts

DBA Lawyers is not only recognised as Australia’s leading SMSF law firm, it is also well known for its great depth of tax and trusts expertise.

Why should you use our trust deeds?

DBA trust deeds will save you money

Buying a quality package actually saves you money as DBA provides high quality, innovative trust deed packages that provide maximum flexibility in relation to the latest planning strategies from the commencement of the trust. A trust is difficult to vary and any subsequent variations to a trust deed can give rise to a raft of costly tax and stamp duty issues.

DBA trust deeds are regularly reviewed and revised by experts

DBA deeds are regularly reviewed and revised to ensure the latest tax and trust law changes are accommodated. Each document package is reviewed and signed-off by a lawyer. DBA Lawyers can also provide related tax and succession planning advice and services. For our popular trust services, click here.

DBA monitor ongoing developments

We stay up to date with important developments and our lawyers can provide strategic advice and assistance as needed. Many other suppliers merely supply documents without having any technical depth or qualifications to provide such advice. We focus on trust documentation and related services and handle technical queries on an ongoing basis.

Many other suppliers of trust deeds are using antiquated precedents and do not provide technical support, which can give rise to significant legal and tax problems.

DBA trust deeds are easily understood and the trusts easily administered

DBA trust deeds are written to be easily understood and the trust easily administered. We cater for different types of amounts to be included in tax law income to ensure the deed is not restricted to trust law income. Our trust deeds are maintained by experienced lawyers who keep abreast of important trust law and related changes.

DBA Discretionary Trusts

DBA Lawyers offer an excellent discretionary trust deed that is easy to read, provides great flexibility and reflects the latest legislative changes. Also included is a detailed memo, trustee resolutions, covering letter and completion checklist.

The detailed memo includes a summary of the foreign trust purchaser duty and land tax surcharge for many of the relevant states and territories. We explain, among other things, when a trust may be treated as a foreign trust, when extra foreign duty or extra land tax applies and the key rules and concessions. As this is a complex area, we recommend seeking advice if you have any concerns relating to your trust being ‘foreign’.

For more information regarding why you should choose a DBA discretionary trust and what is included in the discretionary trust package, click on the articles listed below:


To order a DBA discretionary trust, click here.

We also offer a range of other trusts including unit trusts (that qualify as fixed trusts for tax and NSW land tax purposes), bare trustsspecial disability trustschild maintenance trustsestate proceeds trusts and super proceeds trusts. For more information, click here.