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Requesting documents from DBA Lawyers

If you are requesting documentation or information previously prepared by DBA Lawyers, we recommend that you read the following prior to contacting us.

Who can request documents/information?

Due to strict confidentiality rules only our instructor (ie, the individual or entity who ordered the documentation or service), client or certain other interested parties can request documents/information prepared/held by DBA Lawyers.

We therefore require the prior written consent to release documents/information and their agreement to pay for any costs associated with our review of the request, search for information and any related attendances.

In addition to the written consent, we also require original certified copy of photo ID before a release can be made.

If the adviser was not our original instructor, we are typically unable to provide documents/information to that adviser. Rather, the end client typically needs to provide the written consent.

What documents can be requested?

Note that generally we do not hold executed/signed documents for clients. Thus, generally, we can only supply unexecuted and undated copies of documents.

Further, we generally only retain documentation for a maximum of 7 years.

What costs are involved?

Naturally, the process to satisfy the above criteria and undertake a search and retrieval and related attendances takes time and resources. Thus, a minimum administrative fee of $300 plus GST applies for the handling of each request. Also, each request also typically involves the input from one of our lawyers.

In attending to your request, we will confirm if the fee is likely to be more than $300 plus GST as soon as practicable as this is known and prior to any costs exceeding $300 plus GST being imposed.

Note that the above charges apply for this service even if we are not able to supply what is requested.

Documents are only provided as PDF files.

Other suggested avenues

Before contacting us, we recommend contacting all prior advisers, banks and financial institutions that may have a copy of the executed and date document/information.

If you do wish to instruct and pay our fees for searching for a document/information, please fill out the downloadable form above and send to [email protected]