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The new age TRIS –– tips and traps

Daniel Butler, Director and David Oon, Senior Associate, DBA Lawyers The transition to retirement income stream (‘TRIS’) entered a new era on 1 July 2017 where most members will want their TRIS to enter retirement phase as soon as possible to gain access to an earnings tax exemption. A new law has provided a roadmap [read more]


Managing flexi pensions post 1 July 2017

Overview This article considers the impact of the transfers balance cap provisions on flexi pensions, being pensions that comply with reg 1.06(6) of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Regulations 1994 (Cth) (‘SISR’). Importantly, flexi pensions do not fall within the definition of a capped defined benefit income stream for the purposes of the transfer balance cap provisions. [read more]

downsizer superannuation contributions

Key questions answered for downsizer superannuation contributions

By Christian Pakpahan, Lawyer and Bryce Figot, Special Counsel, DBA Lawyers In the Federal Budget released in May 2017, the government announced an additional $300,000 of superannuation contributions for those aged 65 or more and who sell their home. However, the initial announcement left a number of key questions unanswered. One key question is as [read more]


Is there any benefit in commuting a market linked pension from 1 July 2017?

Market linked pensions and transfer balance cap provisions Where a market linked pension (‘MLP’) is being paid just before 1 July 2017, the MLP will fall within the definition of a capped defined benefit income stream for the purposes of the transfer balance cap provisions. Importantly, the total balance of an MLP commenced just before [read more]


Impact of the superannuation reforms on market linked pensions

Transfer balance cap modifications As the Treasury Laws Amendment (Fair and Sustainable Superannuation) Act 2016 is now law, it is critical that advisers consider and discuss the implications of the superannuation reforms on market linked pension with relevant fund members before 30 June 2017. While the capped defined benefit income stream modifications apply to lifetime [read more]


Advantages of the DBA Lawyers SMSF deed

DBA Lawyers is Australia’s leading SMSF law firm. We have been refining our SMSF deed for well over 20 years, making it the best SMSF deed available. Additionally, our SMSF deed contains numerous ‘value-added’ advantages that set it apart. Accordingly, our SMSF deed offers many benefits that are not found anywhere else. All of the [read more]

pension documents in shape

Don’t get left behind — get your pension documents in shape for 1 July 2017

DBA Lawyers has recently been inundated with requests for up to date pension documents. Our suite of pension documents is fully up to date, including partial commutation documents with a tick-a-box option allowing the partial commutation of pension capital to just under a member’s personal transfer balance cap. Also, changes to the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) [read more]

Lump sum payments

Lump sum payment arising from a partial commutation

Co-author by Daniel Butler, Director, DBA Lawyers Introduction The treatment of a lump sum payment arising from the partial commutation of a pension will be significantly impacted by the super reform measures. This article examines changes from 1 July 2017. Background — lump sums arising from a partial commutation A benefit payment arising from the [read more]

cash flow

TRIS strategies after 1 July 2017

Co-author Gary Chau, Lawyer, DBA Lawyers A transition to retirement income stream (‘TRIS’) provides an easy way to access superannuation savings. Various TRIS strategies have developed in recent years which may change following the super reforms that commence on 1 July 2017. This article examines a number of popular strategies and considers the likely impact [read more]