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Labor’s superannuation and related proposals

Daniel Butler, Director ([email protected]) and Shaun Backhaus, Lawyer ([email protected]) The next Federal election, according to our current Prime Minister Mr Scott Morrison, will be held in May 2019 and, if the Labor Government is elected, significant change is likely. Thus, a brief ‘stock take’ of what the superannuation landscape will look like under a Labor Government [read more]

Stocktake on recent superannuation changes – when will the Government give us a long-term vision?

Daniel Butler, Director ([email protected]) We have recently experienced substantial superannuation changes during the period of 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018. I therefore provide a brief ‘stocktake’ of the changes introduced by the current Coalition Government. A number of these policies were adverse to many members. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said that the [read more]


Proposed SG amnesty raises opportunities and risks

Daniel Butler ([email protected]), Director, DBA Lawyers On 24 May 2018, the government announced a 12 month superannuation guarantee (‘SG’) amnesty (‘Amnesty’) that proposes to give employers an opportunity to rectify past SG non-compliance without penalty. If the Treasury Laws Amendment (2018 Superannuation Measures No. 1) Bill 2018 (‘SG Bill’) is ever made law, the Amnesty [read more]


How the Federal Budget 2018 will impact SMSFs

Daniel Butler ([email protected]), Director, DBA Lawyers We outline below the key superannuation changes announced in the Federal Budget 2018 on 8 May 2018. Some of the proposed changes will have a substantial impact on SMSFs if they are finalised as law. Nomination of superannuation guarantee (‘SG’) for certain employees with multiple employers Broadly, members with [read more]

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What is the status of contribution reserving in light of SMSFRB 2018/1?

Bryce Figot ([email protected]), Special Counsel, DBA Lawyers Earlier this month, the ATO released Self Managed Superannuation Fund Regulator’s Bulletin SMSFRB 2018/1. It contains some of the most important information available on the use of reserves for SMSFs. However, there is a vital question regarding contribution reserving that SMSFRB 2018/1 gives rise to. The question is [read more]


Triggering your bring forward non-concessional contributions cap post-1 July 2017

Daniel Butler ([email protected]), Director, DBA Lawyers The eligibility criteria for individuals who wish to bring forward their non-concessional contributions (‘NCCs’) cap post-1 July 2017 is more rigorous and complex than ever before. However, bringing forward an individual’s NCCs cap will still remain a popular strategy to boost an individual’s superannuation balance. Special transitional arrangements apply [read more]


The new age TRIS –– tips and traps

Daniel Butler, Director, DBA Lawyers The transition to retirement income stream (‘TRIS’) entered a new era on 1 July 2017 where most members will want their TRIS to enter retirement phase as soon as possible to gain access to an earnings tax exemption. A new law has provided a roadmap for this TRIS reclassification, but [read more]


Managing flexi pensions post 1 July 2017

Overview This article considers the impact of the transfers balance cap provisions on flexi pensions, being pensions that comply with reg 1.06(6) of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Regulations 1994 (Cth) (‘SISR’). Importantly, flexi pensions do not fall within the definition of a capped defined benefit income stream for the purposes of the transfer balance cap provisions. [read more]

downsizer superannuation contributions

Key questions answered for downsizer superannuation contributions

Daniel Butler ([email protected]), Director and Bryce Figot, Special Counsel, DBA Lawyers In the Federal Budget released in May 2017, the government announced an additional $300,000 of superannuation contributions for those aged 65 or more and who sell their home. However, the initial announcement left a number of key questions unanswered. One key question is as [read more]


Is there any benefit in commuting a market linked pension from 1 July 2017?

Market linked pensions and transfer balance cap provisions Where a market linked pension (‘MLP’) is being paid just before 1 July 2017, the MLP will fall within the definition of a capped defined benefit income stream for the purposes of the transfer balance cap provisions. Importantly, the total balance of an MLP commenced just before [read more]