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Merchant v Commissioner of Taxation [2024] AATA 1102 —Latest AAT decision on disqualification

A recent AAT decision demonstrates circumstances of a successful challenge to a disqualification made pursuant to s 126A of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (Cth) (SISA). The decision of Merchant v Commissioner of Taxation [2024] AATA 1102 also highlights the dangers of what may, at face value, seem like ordinary investments such as acquiring [read more]

Arms touching expenses

ATO guidance on managing trust distributions

Overview The taxation of trusts continues to be an area of scrutiny for the ATO. The ATO has released a webpage titled ‘Trust distributions done right’ that provides guidance to practitioners on how to prepare for year-end trust distributions. The webpage (QC 101752) can be found here. Clearly, the ATO is concerned with trustees and [read more]

Businesman show TAX for Individual income tax return form online for tax payment concept

When does Division 296 tax ($3M+) make super not worth it?

Short answer The short answer is that clients should conduct detailed financial modelling and make an objective decision based on the numbers after examining their available options having regard to their particular factual circumstances. Generally, clients should not act hastily and should be better positioned to make a more informed decision closer to 30 June [read more]


SMSFs buying overseas property – tips & traps

Overseas property may appear as an attractive investment on the surface. However, when an SMSF is the purchaser there are several compliance traps for trustees to navigate. SMSF trustees can purchase property either outright with SMSF funds or via a limited recourse borrowing arrangement (LRBA). To illustrate the potential risks involved, each of these types [read more]


ASIC takes action against a number of approved SMSF auditors

ASIC recently took action against a number of approved SMSF auditors. ASIC felt that the  approved SMSF auditors’ conduct did not meet the required standards and the action taken by ASIC included: disqualifying some auditors; imposing additional conditions on some approved SMSF auditors ; and cancelling the registration of other approved SMSF auditors. For more [read more]

Male lawyer discussing negotiation legal case with client meeting with document contract in office, law and justice, attorney, lawsuit concept.

New decision highlights options for disqualified persons: Barry, in the matter of an application by Barry [2024] FCA 13

In an urgent matter brought to Shariff J as the vacation duty judge this January, the risks to SMSF compliance, where all members of the fund become disqualified persons, were on full display with orders needing to be granted simply to allow the disqualified members to act to wind up the fund. The case, Barry, in [read more]


Latest AAT decision on regulation of approved SMSF auditors

Introduction Mr H was an approved SMSF auditor. However, in 2023 ASIC disqualified him from being an approved SMSF auditor. He applied for the AAT to review ASIC’s decision to disqualify him. The AAT recently handed down the outcome of that application. DBA Lawyers do a lot of work with approved SMSF auditors. Accordingly, we [read more]


Court confirms capacity to make a BDBN: van Camp v Bellahealth Pty Ltd [2024] NSWSC 7

The recent NSW Supreme Court decision of van Camp v Bellahealth Pty Ltd [2024] NSWSC 7 (22 January 2024) (van Camp v Bellahealth) provides important lessons for advisers when considering a person’s capacity to make a BDBN. It also reinforces the value of keeping good records and file notes. Facts Dr Nespolon was the sole [read more]


Payroll tax crackdown on medical, healthcare and similar arrangements — Part 5

Overview We have previously issued four prior articles linked to this series focusing on the employee versus contractor distinction. In our article ‘Employee or contractor — Payroll Tax considerations — Part 3’ dated 30 September 2022 (DBA Payroll Tax Article – Part 3) we provided a top-level summary of how the payroll tax regime   applies [read more]