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Change of Trustee (Discretionary or Unit Trust)

DescriptionSoftcopy *
Change of Trustee of Discretionary Trust  order online$770
Change of trustee of Unit Trust ­- PDF order form only  download orderFrom $770
* Additional fees for hardcopy documents apply. Click here
Pricing includes GST

What’s included

  • Covering letter
  • Trustee resolutions and notification of change
  • Deed of change of trustee

This includes documents to effect a change of trustee only and does not include a review of the trust deed for purposes outside the change of trustee, such as any tax or trust law considerations. If any advice or a detailed review is required, please contact us to discuss.

Additional fees and services

Our standard service above does not include arranging a change of trustee deed to be assessed for duty in jurisdictions where this is required. Where there are dutiable assets that need to be transferred in these jurisdictions, the lawyer handling these transfers generally attends to this task. However, if you require assistance in this regard, please contact us.

There may be additional fees relating to transfer of assets and you should seek duty advice in the relevant jurisdiction if required to ensure no undue liability arises.

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