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Pensions — reversionary nomination

This service is designed to make existing (non-DBA Lawyer) pensions reversionary.

We have a range of services that can result in a pension being made reversionary, including:

  • Our pension documents have the relevant provisions already included in them for making a reversionary pension. For further information on our pensions, click here.
  • Our SMSF deed has special power included in it to ensure a reversionary nomination will satisfy the automatically reversionary criteria specified by the ATO in TR 2013/5. The BDBN form that comes with our SMSF deed documentation can be used to make a pension reversionary which will override any existing pension (whether a DBA Lawyers or pension from any other supplier). For further information on our SMSF deed, click here.
  • Our pensions — reversionary nomination services outlined here.

Pricing* is as follows:

Standard documents$330
Premium service$660

See the order form (above) for information regarding ‘standard documents’ versus ‘premium service’.

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