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Pensions (including full/partial commutation)

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DescriptionSoftcopy *
New pension — commence a new account-based pension (‘ABP’) or transition to retirement income stream (‘TRIS’)$440
Pension commutation (full or partial) (including to fall within the transfer balance cap) — fully or partially commute an ABP or TRIS (includes option of cashing lump sum asset(s) in specie)$440
Payments above ABP minimum — provides practical guidance on making payments above the ABP minimum$440
Convert an existing TRIS to an ABP
Important note - due to recent ATO and legislative developments, the conversion documents are currently on hold pending further clarification. The pension commutation and new pension commencement documents when used together achieve a similar result. We will update our website as soon as we have clarified the effectiveness of conversion documents with the ATO.
* Add $75 for hard copy per product
* Pricing includes GST

We also offer numerous SMSF documents & strategy kits to assist SMSF trustees and advisers.

Documents are also available for a range of older style pensions and related strategies (eg, capped defined benefit income streams, market linked pensions (aka term allocated pensions ‘TAP’) and certain defined benefit pensions (‘DBP’, eg, lifetime and life expectancy pensions; aka fixed term pensions)). We can provide details and pricing for these on request.

If you are completing a downloadable order form, please email to [email protected] when complete.

The above documents are supplied on the basis of a single use licence, eg, to document one pension for a member in one SMSF. However, the pension commutation documents provide flexibility for commuting a number of pensions for the same member in one SMSF.

Volume discounts

Significant discounts can apply where you need to document more than 10 of the above documents. Please contact us to take advantage of this opportunity. T&Cs apply.

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