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ATO/ASIC audits of auditors

DBA Lawyers has extensive experience advising and representing approved SMSF auditors who:

  • are being audited/investigated by the ATO; or
  • have been referred to ASIC by the ATO.

How DBA Lawyers can help: PREPARING for an ATO audit (special fixed-fee service)

DBA Lawyers offers a special fixed-fee service to assist approved SMSF auditors prepare for an ATO audit.

Goal of this service: To prepare an approved SMSF auditor so that, when/if they are audited by the ATO, the ATO is satisfied. All approved SMSF auditors want the ATO to be satisfied if the ATO audits the auditors’ files. This service aims to help get you there.

What is included in the service: This special service consists of the following:

  • DBA Lawyers replicates an ATO audit of several of your SMSF audit files and other aspects of your practice. DBA Lawyers bases this on its experience from many ATO audits of approved SMSF auditors. DBA Lawyers requests several of your audit files, along with certain other information, similar to an ATO audit. DBA Lawyers carefully analyses what you provide.
  • DBA Lawyers applies a 50+ point checklist. This checklist addresses the top issues that DBA Lawyers have noticed cause problems for approved SMSF auditors.
  • DBA Lawyers issues to you written feedback designed to ensure you know what changes might be necessary to your practice. This written feedback is highly confidential. It is protected by legal professional privilege.
  • DBA Lawyers meets with you via MSTeams to discuss its findings and the written feedback.

Fee (before 15 September 2023): If you engage DBA Lawyers before 15 September 2023, the fee is $2,200+GST.

Fee (after 15 September 2023): If you engage DBA Lawyers after 15 September 2023, the fee is $3,500+GST.

How DBA Lawyers can help: If the ATO audit has ALREADY commenced

Many approved SMSF auditors have engaged DBA Lawyers during an ATO audit/investigation, or when already referred to ASIC. DBA Lawyers has a large bank of practical experience.

DBA Lawyers can:

  • advise on realistic options available to the auditors based on their facts.
  • negotiate with the ATO and ASIC;
  • draft submissions and responses to ATO position papers or ASIC show cause letters; and
  • much more.