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DBA Lawyers Price List

*Hardcopy documents: For hardcopy, an additional fee of $140 typically applies for each suite of documents that we need to print, bind, place tabs in relevant spots in documents for execution, arrange express post and related attendances (including providing an A4 binder and dividers where relevant).

Offline orders: Unless documents are ordered online at an extra $100 fee applies per suite of documents.



SMSF Lease Review Service POA
New SMSF$400
New SMSF + Company
• New SMSF- DBA documents $300
• Company- DBA documents $330
• ASIC Fee $512 (for July 2021) $1,142
SMSF Deed Update$500
Update an SMSF’s Deed where current deed is a DBA deed with no subsequent variations*$400
Change of Trustee$350
Change of Fund Name$220
Admission of Member$300
Admit a Conditional MemberPOA
Cessation of Member$300
SMSF Deed History Reviewfrom $1,250
Bare Trust Deed (Custodian with No Borrowing)$1,200
Agency/Bare Trust Deed for Use in Property Development Involving Related Party Builder$2,695
Tenants in common agreementPOA
Unitholders' agreementPOA
Commercial, Investment and Related AgreementsPOA
QROPS Documents - existing SMSF$1,500
QROPS Documents + New SMSF
• New (QROPS) SMSF documentation $1,500
• New company (bundle price) $230
• ASIC registration fee for the company (no GST) $512 (from 1 July 2021)$2,242

SMSFs & Property


SMSF Property Tax AdvicePOA
SMSF Building Contract ReviewPOA
SMSF Lease Review ServicePOA
SMSF BorrowingStandard from $1,200Premium from $2,750
Agency/bare trust documentation (for use with related party builders)$2,695
Tenants in common agreementPOA
SMSF Investment Strategy AdvicePOA
SMSF Investment Strategy Kit$400
Foreign Beneficiary Exclusions in Family Discretionary Trusts$700
Unitholders agreementPOA

SMSF Borrowing

Standard Service

Premium Service

SMSF Borrowing - Bank Lender$1,200 $2,750
SMSF Borrowing - Related Party Lender$1,600 $3,850
Alteration of Related Party Loan Termsfrom $1,200
LRBA Loan Refinance from $1,450
LRBA Wind Up Documentation$880
SMSF Borrowing Memo$220

SMSF Pensions


New pension - commence a new account-based pension (‘ABP’) or transition to retirement income stream (‘TRIS’)$440Tailored documents
Pension commutation (full or partial) (including to fall within the transfer balance cap) - fully or partially commute an ABP or TRIS (includes option of cashing lump sum asset(s) in specie)$440Tailored documents
Reversionary nomination of a pension - this service is designed to make existing account-based pensions reversionary to an eligible dependant (eg. a spouse)from $440
Payments above ABP minimum  — provides practical guidance on making payments above the ABP minimum$440Tailored documents
Making a pension non-reversionary  - this service removes any reversionary nomination for account-based pensionsfrom $440
Pension confirmation documents  - we can prepare documents that confirm the terms of an existing pension, commutation, reversion, etc, especially where there are no, poor or inadequate records. We can tailor appropriate documentation to suit and a number of our documents can be used to ensure the pension reflects the latest provisions.POA

SMSF Succession


SMSF Succession ServicesPOA
SMSF Succession Diagnostic Servicefrom $2,000
Binding Death Benefit NominationPOA
Death Benefit Payment Deed$1,760
The Complete Guide to Super Proceeds Trusts Kit$605
Successor Director AppointmentPOA
Reversionary Nomination of Pension$440

SMSF & Family Law


Family Law SuperSplitting Documents for SMSFsfrom $3,300Tailored documents
Change of Trustee$350
SMSF Deed Update$500
Update an SMSF’s Deed where current deed is a DBA deed with no subsequent variations*$400
Binding Death Benefit NominationPOA
New Company
• DBA documents $330
• ASIC Fee $512$842
Cessation of Member$300
Resignation of Director$550
SMSF to SMSF Roll-Over Kit$440
Admit a conditional member



New Company
• DBA documents $330
• ASIC Fee $512$842
Constitution Update$500
Appointment of Director/Secretary $550
Resignation of Director/Secretary$550
Successor Director AppointmentPOA



Discretionary / Family Trust$300
Unit Trust$800
Unit Trust Compliance Kit$440
Bare Trust Deed (custodian with no borrowing)$1,200
Special Disability Trust$4,000
Child Maintenance Trust$4,000
Estate Proceeds Trust$4,000
Superannuation Proceeds Trust$4,000



Licence Type

Investment Strategy Kit$440#
Contribution Reserving Kit$440#
Lump Sum Kit$440
SMSF to SMSF Roll-Over Kit$440
Unit Trust Compliance Kit$440*
SMSF Wind Up Kit$550
SMSF Trustee Compliance Kit$440#
SMSF Materials Database Kit$550*
New SMSF Withheld from Super Fund Lookup Kit$330#
SMSF Residency Kit$2,200#
The Complete Guide to Super Proceeds Trusts Kit$605
SMSF Borrowing Memo$220

Our range of general trust services and indicative pricing include:


Foreign person exclusion

Foreign Person exclusion to vary Family/Discretionary trust for a single jurisdiction for duties and land tax purposes (please contact us to discuss if multiple jurisdictions required)


Tax purposes

Variation to trusts for tax purposes such as including appropriate income streaming provisions. Contact us for volume pricing.


Deed of renunciation

Deed of renunciation (for a beneficiary to relinquish their ability to be a beneficiary – where the beneficiary is a primary beneficiary or a taker in default of a distribution being made)


Appointor and successor Appointor

Variation for inclusion of Appointor and successor Appointor provisions


Winding up vesting

Winding up/vesting a discretionary trust or unit trust – that does not have significant assets or any dutiable property

Change of Trusteefrom $770
Sundry variationsfrom $770
Deeds of confirmation or ratificationfrom $770
Adding/removing beneficiaries of a discretionary trustPOA

Taxation & Agreements


ATO ObjectionPOA
Loan Facility Agreement (Division 7A)$1,500
Partnership AgreementPOA
Service AgreementPOA
Tenants in common agreementPOA
Pricing includes GST

Licence type:

Single-use licence only for one member of one SMSF (eg, to document one SMSF wind up).
#Single licence for the same SMSF for a 12 month period (eg, to document a number of investment strategies for the same SMSF).
*Single licence for multi-use by one user of the same firm, in the same office for a 12 month period (eg, one user in an adviser's branch office can use on numerous occasions but each other user or office would require its own licence).

We can also provide:

  • multi-use licences and volume discounts to approved advisers; and
  • tailored documents and advice for specific client circumstances and a full range of SMSF legal services.

Documents are emailed in PDF format. Please add $120 for hard copy dispatch per kit.

For more details, please contact us.

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