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DBA Lawyers Price List


Softcopy *

*An additional fee of $75 applies for hard copy delivery, per suite of documents
New SMSF$400
New SMSF + Company (includes ASIC fee)$630 + ASIC fee (currently $488)
Update an SMSF’s Deed
click here for volume discount pricing
Update an SMSF’s Deed where current deed is a DBA deed with no subsequent variations*
SMSF Deed History Reviewfrom $500
Binding death benefit nomination (tailored)POA
Incorporating new company to be trustee of SMSF$330 + ASIC fee (currently $488)
Change of Trustee of an SMSF$350
Change Name of an SMSF$220


Softcopy *

New Company (includes ASIC fee)$330 + ASIC fee (currently $488)
Constitution Update$500
Appointment of director$250 (per director appointed)
Resignation of director$250 (per director resigning)
Successor Director AppointmentPOA
Alternate Director AppointmentN/A
SMSF Borrowing
*Refer to borrowing brochure for further information

Standard Service*

Premium Service*

SMSF Borrowing - Bank Lender$1,200$2,750
SMSF Borrowing - Related Party Lender$1,600$3,850
Borrowing (alter terms of related party loan)from $1200
SMSF borrowing loan refinancefrom $1,450


Softcopy *

Pensions - reversionary nomination (standard documents)$330
Pensions - reversionary nomination (premium service)$660*
Pension commutation (full or partial) (including to fall within the transfer balance cap) — fully or partially commute an ABP or TRIS (includes option of cashing lump sum asset(s) in specie)$440
Pension commutation (full or partial) (including to fall within the transfer balance cap) — fully or partially commute an ABP or TRIS (includes option of cashing lump sum asset(s) in specie)$440
Payments Above ABP Minimum Documentation$440
Convert an existing TRIS to an ABP$440
Lump Sum Kit$440

Strategy Kits

T&C's apply. Refer to our Summary - SMSF documents and Strategy Kits page as well as the relevant web page(s) for details.

Softcopy *

Family Law SuperSplitting Kit for SMSFs$1,100
CGT Relief Kit for SMSFs$1,290
New SMSF withheld from Super Fund Lookup Kit$330
SMSF AFSL Advisers Kit$1,290
SMSF Wind Up Kit$550
SMSF Residency Kit$1,200
Contributions Reserving Kit$440
SMSF Materials Database$550
SMSF to SMSF Roll-Over Kit$440
Investment Strategy Kit$440
Pension Reserving Kit$440
SMSF Borrowing Memo$220
Trustee Compliance Kit$440
Unit Trust Compliance Kit$440

SMSF Agreements

Softcopy *

Tenants in common agreementPOA
Unitholders' agreementPOA
Commercial, investment and related agreements for SMSFsPOA


Softcopy *

Discretionary / Family Trust$300
Unit Trust$800
Special Disability Trust$4,000
Child Maintenance Trust$4,000
Estate Proceeds Trust$4,000
Superannuation Proceeds Trust$4,000

Our range of general trusts services and indicative pricing include:

Softcopy *

Variation of a discretionary trust to exclude foreign persons for Victorian duties purposes (please contact us to discuss other jurisdictions)$1,500 + GST
Variation to trusts for tax purposes such as including appropriate income streaming provisions$1,500 + GST
Deed of renunciation (for a beneficiary to relinquish their ability to be a beneficiary –– where the beneficiary is a primary beneficiary or a taker in default of a distribution being made)$1,500 + GST
Variation for inclusion of Appointor and successor Appointor provisions$1,000 + GST
Winding up/vesting a discretionary trust or unit trust – that does not have significant assets or any dutiable property$900 + GST
Change of Trusteefrom $700 + GST
Sundry variationsfrom $700 + GST
Deeds of confirmation or ratificationfrom $700 + GST
Adding/removing beneficiaries of a discretionary trustPOA

Taxation & Agreements

Softcopy *

ATO ObjectionPOA
Loan Facility Agreement (Division 7A)POA
Partnership AgreementPOA
Service AgreementPOA
Tenants in common agreementPOA
* Pricing includes GST
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