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Trust advice and popular services

We regularly establish trusts for a wide range of advisers and clients throughout Australia. We also advise on and prepare a range of documents for trusts including investment structuring, succession and various types of variations to trusts.

Our tax (including duty and land tax) expertise is invaluable in offering quality advice and documentation. Our trust documents are regularly updated due to the ongoing changes and legal developments. Moreover, obtaining trusts from suppliers without legal and tax expertise is now extremely risky.

For pricing related to our various suites of standard trust documents please see our Price List.

For our services relating to our tax advice and assistance including duty exemptions and other tax issues relating to trusts please refer to our Tax Services.

Please contact us to discuss volume pricing.

Our range of general trusts services and indicative pricing include:
Variation of a discretionary trust to exclude foreign persons for a single jurisdiction for duties and land tax purposes (please contact us to discuss if multiple jurisdictions required)$1,650
Variation to trusts for tax purposes such as including appropriate income streaming provisions. Contact us for volume pricing.$1,950
Deed of renunciation (for a beneficiary to relinquish their ability to be a beneficiary –– where the beneficiary is a primary beneficiary or a taker in default of a distribution being made)$1,650
Variation for inclusion of Appointor and successor Appointor provisions$1,650
Winding up/vesting a discretionary trust or unit trust – that does not have significant assets or any dutiable property$1,650
Change of Trusteefrom $770
Sundry variationsfrom $770
Deeds of confirmation or ratificationfrom $770
Adding/removing beneficiaries of a discretionary trustPOA

We commonly deal with a variety of other trust matters. If you have any other trust queries or requirements please contact us to discuss.

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