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SMSF Deed Update

DescriptionSoftcopy *
SMSF Deed Update$500
SMSF Deed Update where current deed is a DBA deed with no subsequent variations$400
SMSF Lost Deed Service - click here.From $950
Offline orders: Unless documents are ordered online at DBA website an extra fee applies per suit of documents. To download the offline order form click here

*Additional fees for hardcopy documents apply. Click here
Pricing includes GST
Unless documents are ordered online at an extra fee applies per suite of documents. See here

For more information on some of the strategic reasons why our SMSF documents are so highly regarded, click here.

Why should you update your Deed?

Laws are continually changing with ongoing reforms. An SMSF deed should be reviewed before implementing any major decision or strategy (e.g., commencing a pension, undertaking an SMSF borrowing arrangement, making substantial contributions, changing a pension, preparing a BDBN or undertaking estate planning). It is safer to rely on an express rather than a general provision.

To assist in determining whether an SMSF deed needs to be upgraded and to find out more about DBA’s deed, click here.

What’s included

  • Covering letter and completion checklist
  • Trustee resolutions
  • SMSF deed of variation
  • Product disclosure statement (PDS) for each member (including binding death benefit nomination form)
  • SMSF Memo

Would you like to have your deed updated yearly to reflect the latest changes?

The Annual Update Service provides a convenient and sound way of ensuring that SMSFs’ governing rules are kept up to date to give SMSFs maximum strategic flexibility, compliance and peace of mind. Click here for more information.

SMSF Deed History Review

The above prices are to vary an SMSF deed based on the latest or current deed.

We can also undertake an SMSF Deed History Review to determine if your SMSF governing rules are valid and effective. Please click here for further information and our order form.

Corporate Trustees of SMSFs

If you are upgrading an SMSF deed, you should also consider the advantages of a corporate trustee over individual trustees. The long-term benefits of a company generally outweigh the upfront cost of incorporation. Some of the main advantages include asset protection; flexibility to pay benefits as pensions or lump sums; and greater administrative ease. For more information click here.

DBA can assist in providing quality company documentation to establish corporate trustees of SMSFs (click here for more). We also provide documentation to change the trustee of an SMSF (click here for more) and can update the constitution of a company to provide our leading constitution with many advantages such as successor directors that are not offered by other suppliers (click here for more).

For more information about the merits of a corporate trustee instead of individual trustees, click here.

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