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SMSF Borrowing

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Bank Lender$1,200$2,750
Related Party Lender$1,600$3,850
* Add $75 for hard copy per arrangement.

DBA offers packages to document borrowings by SMSF trustees in order to acquire assets, including:

  • Loans from a bank or other commercial lender.
  • Loans from a related party (eg, family trust, company or members).
  • Please refer to this brochure for pricing and what’s included.

In addition to these costs, the SMSF trustee may also incur costs for the following:

  • A new company is needed to act as the custodian of the asset being acquired. This must be a separate company to the SMSF’s trustee. This can be established via your preferred company supplier.
  • The SMSF’s deed must have sufficient powers for the arrangement and some deeds may therefore require amending. Click here for information about DBA deed updates.
  • The SMSF trustee will also need to engage a conveyancer. DBA can provide referrals to appropriate conveyancers upon request.
  • Depending on the jurisdiction, stamp duty advice from a jurisdiction-specific lawyer might be required.

For more information, please refer to:

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