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Agency/bare trust deed for use with related party builders

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Description Price
Agency/Bare trust deed for use in property development involving related party builder $2,695


Where an SMSF proposes to engage the services of a related party builder, there are numerous risks to manage. Importantly, an SMSF trustee must not acquire any asset from the related party unless that asset satisfies an exception under section 66 of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (Cth). For example, an SMSF trustee must not acquire any building materials from a related party.

This document suite is designed to appoint a related party to act as a limited agent for the SMSF trustee in relation to a building project and authorises the builder, as a limited agent, to acquire any required materials and/or third party services.

What’s included

  • Covering letter
  • Trustee resolutions
  • Agency/bare trust deed
  • Documentation to assist in directing the agent

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