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Ways to remove a member from an SMSF

By Gary Chau, Lawyer and Daniel Butler, Director, DBA Lawyers Removing a member from a self managed superannuation fund (‘SMSF’) is not a simple process, particularly where there is a dispute or some animosity among members. Here are some situations that DBA Lawyers has come across: family members have a falling out with a particular [read more]


The latest on TRISs: are you in retirement phase?

By William Fettes, Senior Associate, Daniel Butler, Director, DBA Lawyers The rules that govern when exempt income arises in relation to the earnings on assets supporting transition to retirement income streams (‘TRISs’) were substantially changed with effect from 1 July 2017. Advisers and SMSF trustees should be aware that there are now two types of [read more]


Why is it important to have a good company constitution?

By Christian Pakpahan, Lawyer and Daniel Butler, Director DBA Lawyers Company constitutions are often treated as a commodity even though they are a very critical document to the overall effective operation of a company. A constitution, for instance, governs the company’s decision making, powers including the appointment and removal of officers, shareholders and many other [read more]


Not all companies are created equal

David Oon, Senior Associate, DBA Lawyers Small private companies frequently act as trustees for SMSFs or trusts, and sometimes in their own right. These companies are governed by their constitution (a set of internal rules). Standard constitutions for a private company are often outdated and contain many pitfalls for the unwary. On the other hand, [read more]


SMSFs must tread carefully when dealing with employee share schemes interests

By Gary Chau, Lawyer, and Daniel Butler, Director, DBA Lawyers The idea of acquiring shares from employee share schemes (‘ESS’) in an self managed superannuation fund (‘SMSF’) can be attractive for many reasons, but SMSF trustees have to be mindful of the in‑house asset and the related party acquisition rules. Broadly, a company can via [read more]


Leave SMSF changes of trustee to the lawyers

David Oon, Senior Associate, DBA Lawyers SMSF changes of trustee are a ticking time bomb if not properly drafted by a lawyer with proper experience. While it is easy to put together a document that simply states that one trustee resigns and one trustee is appointed, several real examples exist where SMSF changes of trustee [read more]


Triggering your bring forward non-concessional contributions cap post-1 July 2017

Joseph Cheung, Lawyer and Daniel Butler, Director, DBA Lawyers The eligibility criteria for individuals who wish to bring forward their non-concessional contributions (‘NCCs’) cap post-1 July 2017 is more rigorous and complex than ever before. However, bringing forward an individual’s NCCs cap will still remain a popular strategy to boost an individual’s superannuation balance. Special [read more]

Family Law

Family Law SuperSplitting Kit for SMSFs

DBA Lawyers is thrilled to announce that we are putting the finishing touches on our Family Law SuperSplitting Kit for SMSFs. Working in consultation with Australia’s leading SuperSplitting legal expert Stephen Bourke, we have designed this kit to assist and provide advisers and SMSF trustees with practical guidance on the steps required to ‘split’ superannuation [read more]

Family genealogic tree. Parents and grandparents, children and cousins.

Who is your relative for SMSF purposes and why is this relevant?

Joseph Cheung, Lawyer and David Oon, Senior Associate, DBA Lawyers It is important to understand who is an individual’s relative for superannuation law purposes as the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (Cth) (‘SISA’) imposes certain boundaries on an SMSF’s activities in relation to an individual’s relative or related party. There are two definitions of the [read more]