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Investment Strategy Kit

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Investment Strategy Kit$440
Pricing includes GST

This Kit provides a single licence for multi-use by one SMSF for a 12 month period (eg, to document a number of investment strategies for the same SMSF).

Significant discounts apply where you need to document investment strategies for more than one SMSF. Please contact us to take advantage of this opportunity.T&Cs apply.


  • The Investment Strategy Kit contains guidance and template documentation with a practical, comprehensive explanation of how to draft investment strategies for an SMSF
  • This kit should be used when the investment strategy of an SMSF is being formulated or reviewed
  • This kit is ideal for:
    • SMSF trustees who want to document their own investment strategy
    • advisers who have an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL)
    • advisers who are not covered by an AFSL and with appropriate care having regard to the detail in the Investment Strategy Memo, need to document an investment strategy for an SMSF client.

What’s included

  • The Investment Strategy Memo provides:
    • Detailed background information on the relevant law
    • Contents of an investment strategy
    • Practical guidance on preparing an investment strategy
    • Frequently asked questions about how to draft a proper investment strategy and what the strategy should contain
  • Template investment strategies, including:
    • Resolutions Adopting Investment Strategy
    • Draft Strategy 1: Balanced, Diversified Strategy
    • Draft Strategy 2: Conservative Strategy
    • Draft Strategy 3: Real Estate Focused Strategy
    • Draft Strategy 4: Gearing Strategy to Acquire Real Estate
    • Derivatives Risk Statement
    • Risk Profile
    • Insurance Questionnaire
    • Resolutions Reviewing Investment Strategy
    • Letter of Execution –– Investment Strategy Template