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SMSF AFSL Letter of Execution – SMSF Set Up

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SMSF AFSL Letter of Execution$550
Pricing includes GST

These documents provide a single licence for multi-use by one user of the same firm, in the same office for a 12 month period, given there are ongoing legislative and other changes (eg, one use in an adviser’s branch office can use on numerous occasions but each other user or office would require its own licence).


This template letter of execution is for a non-licenced adviser, typically an accountant in an accounting firm, to a client confirming they are instructed to provide an execution only service in establishing an SMSF. Broadly, the letter is designed to minimize the risk of being seen to provide financial product advise without an Australian financial services licence (AFSL). This template communication can be adapted for your circumstances.

What’s included

  • Letter of execution – SMSF set up
  • SMSF Set Up Memo – Execution only without financial product advice