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Summary – SMSF Documents & Strategy Kits

We offer the best range of SMSF documents and strategy kits; supported by Australia’s leading SMSF Law firm.

Documents/Strategy KitsPriceLicence type
New pension - commence a new account-based pension ('ABP') or transition to retirement income stream ('TRIS')$440Tailored documents
Pension commutation (full or partial) (including to fall within the transfer balance cap) – fully or partially commute an ABP or TRIS (includes option of cashing lump sum asset(s) in specie)$440Tailored documents
Payments Above ABP Minimum$440Tailored documents
Convert an existing TRIS to an ABP$440Tailored documents
Family Law SuperSplitting Documents for SMSFsfrom $3,300Tailored documents
SMSF to SMSF Roll-Over Kit
SMSF Wind Up Kit
Lump Sum Kit
SMSF Auditor's Kit$ 660*
CGT Relief Kit for SMSFs
SMSF AFSL Advisers Kit
SMSF Material Database$550*
Contributions Reserving Kit
Investment Strategy Kit
Pension Reserving Kit
SMSF Borrowing Memo
SMSF Trustee Compliance Kit
New SMSF withheld from Super Fund Lookup Kit$330#
Unit Trust Compliance Kit$440#
SMSF Residency Kit$1,200#
Reversionary nomination of a pension$330Tailored documents
Making a pension non-reversionary$330Tailored documents
Licence type:
Single-use licence only for one member of one SMSF (eg, to document one SMSF wind up).
#Single licence for the same SMSF for a 12 month period (eg, to document a number of investment strategies for the same SMSF).
*Single licence for multi-use by one user of the same firm, in the same office for a 12 month period (eg, one user in an adviser’s branch office can use on numerous occasions but each other user or office would require its own licence).

We can also provide:

  • multi-use licences and volume discounts to approved advisers; and
  • tailored documents and advice for specific client circumstances and a full range of SMSF legal services.

Documents are emailed in PDF format. Please add $75 for hard copy dispatch per kit.

For more information, please contact us.

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