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Unwinding an SMSF limited recourse borrowing arrangement

As certain SMSF limited recourse borrowing arrangements reach completion, many are unsure how the arrangement should finish. There are a number of steps involved in weighing up options and strategy, as well as in documenting and carrying out the process. Note that this article deals with the situation of where a borrowing has been [read more]


New law gives SMSF borrowing trusts breathing space

Until 4 April this year, SMSF trustees with limited recourse borrowings that were ending were faced with a problem. With the loan paid off, there was the prospect of being forced to transfer the asset to the SMSF trustee. The fear had been that to keep the asset inside the trust would give rise to [read more]


Excess Contributions Tax — latest developments

Overview This article provides a brief summary of the excess contributions tax (‘ECT’) regime. It also summarises the latest developments including the May 2014 Federal Budget announcement, the latest statistical information and covers several key recommendations made by the Inspector-General of Taxation (‘IGT’). Brief summary The ECT regime was introduced in July 2007 as a [read more]


Great news in the budget — excess non-concessional contributions tax!

There was some great news in last night’s budget! The government made the following announcement regarding excess non-concessional contributions: The Government will allow individuals the option of withdrawing superannuation contributions in excess of the non-concessional contributions cap made from 1 July 2013 and any associated earnings, with these earnings to be taxed at the individual’s [read more]

nil interest SMSF loan

New ATO materials suggest non-arm’s length LRBAs = huge tax bill!

Recent ATO materials suggest non-arm’s length limited recourse borrowing arrangements will give rise to huge tax problems. More specifically, the materials suggest income derived can be non-arm’s length income (ie, taxed at 45%) where the LRBA favours the SMSF. This could come as a shock as many have incorrectly said the ATO has previously ‘green [read more]