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SMSF Association 2020 National Conference

The SMSF Association 2020 National Conference was held last week on the Gold Coast. I commend the SMSF Association for putting on such a great conference event, not just this year but every year!

At this year’s conference, I presented a specialist only session on carrying on a business in an SMSF. Daniel Butler presented on family breakdown and TBC issues, and William Fettes presented on all things LRBAs.

On behalf of all of me, Dan and Will, it is an honour to be invited to present at the conference.

Also, the SMSF Association arranged for caricatures of each of us presenting. I’ve included my caricature as an accompaniment for this article.

Finally, I congratulate Dan, who at a special dinner on the night before the conference was appointed one of the first Fellow Members of the SMSF Association.

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