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Temporary incapacity can provide welcome relief

Temporary incapacity can provide welcome relief

Most of us are aware that superannuation benefits can be paid out on retirement (ie, after attaining your preservation age), as well as on suffering permanent incapacity and on death. However, many are not aware that our super savings can also provide some welcome relief on suffering temporary incapacity. Those that suffer temporary incapacity can [read more]


SMSFD 2014/1: latest from the ATO on commuting a TRIS

The ATO has recently released self managed superannuation fund determination SMSFD 2014/1. SMSFD 2014/1 builds on taxation ruling TR 2013/5 and SMSFD 2013/2 and provides some important insights regarding the ATO’s views on commuting transition to retirement income streams (‘TRIS’). This article discusses some key points arising from the determination. What is a ‘commutation’? Although [read more]

ATO ID 2014-2 and pensions deceased estate

ATO ID 2014/2 and pensions to a deceased estate?

Some advisers may have previously recommended that there are opportunities to continue paying a pension following a member’s death to their deceased estate. However, ATO ID 2014/2 provides a real hurdle to this strategy! (Note that this has been a somewhat busy time for the ATO and interpretative decisions regarding pensions. The ATO also recently [read more]