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Spousal contributions and contributions split

By Daniel Butler, Director, DBA Lawyers, and William Fettes, Senior Associate, DBA Lawyers Introduction There are a few different ways that individuals can contribute money into superannuation for the benefit of their spouse. Taking advantage of these contribution options can help spouses achieve parity in relation to their respective super account balances over time and [read more]

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What happens to my SMSF when I die? Dispelling common myths about SMSF life after a member’s death

Daniel Butler ([email protected]), Director, DBA Lawyers There are many myths held regarding what happens to an individual’s self managed superannuation fund (‘SMSF’) when they pass away. Relying on these myths may lead to several undesirable outcomes such as: the wrong people receiving the intended proportion of SMSF assets or superannuation; the wrong people being left [read more]

SMSF succession planning

Perry v Nicholson [2017] QSC 163: important lessons on SMSF succession planning

By Bryce Figot, Special Counsel and Daniel Butler, Director, DBA Lawyers The recent decision of Perry v Nicholson [2017] QSC 163 contains various important lessons for SMSF succession planning. Facts The Colin Maurice Superannuation Fund was established on 17 September 2009. The original trustees were Colin Maurice (‘Deceased’) and his adult daughter Sonia Perry, with [read more]

Unlocking potential and avoiding pitfalls in SMSF property development

Unlocking potential and avoiding pitfalls in SMSF property development

Some may think that property development in an SMSF contravenes superannuation law. However, that is overstating the position. There is no blanket ban on property development in SMSFs. Rather, like many investments an SMSF can make, the key to compliance is on how the investment occurs. Extreme caution should be exercised before and during, since [read more]


Advantages of the DBA Lawyers SMSF deed

DBA Lawyers is Australia’s leading SMSF law firm. We have been refining our SMSF deed for well over 20 years, making it the best SMSF deed available. Additionally, our SMSF deed contains numerous ‘value-added’ advantages that set it apart. Accordingly, our SMSF deed offers many benefits that are not found anywhere else. All of the [read more]

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DBA Lawyers offers a wide array of super reform resources

Co-author by Daniel Butler, Director, DBA Lawyers We have been busy making sure our SMSF documents and training are up to date with the latest super reforms and strategies. Not surprisingly we continue to come across many SMSF documents recently acquired elsewhere that have not been updated with the recent reforms. Naturally, if you are [read more]

smsf deed update checklist

SMSF deed update checklist

DBA Lawyers is often asked whether a particular SMSF trust deed needs to be updated. As a general guide, we recommend that SMSF trust deeds should be updated every 4–5 years, or sooner in the case of major legislative change. The last major legislative change to superannuation that warranted a blanket update for all SMSF [read more]