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Ability to order online … save time with no compromise on quality

Ability to order online … save time with no compromise on quality

You can now order SMSF, company, trust and related documentation online. To register visit Benefits When you use you enjoy many benefits, including: No need to enter the same data twice — there are many time-saving options to copy names and addresses Addresses pre-empted as you type Verifies with ASIC availability of proposed [read more]

Managing tax losses in an SMSF - impact of Payne's decision

Managing tax losses in an SMSF – impact of Payne’s decision

A recent decision Re Trustee for the Payne Superannuation Fund and FCT [2015] AATA 58 examines how the ATO are examining whether SMSFs are appropriately carrying forward tax losses and apportioning expenses when they are partly in pension mode. Prior to analysing the implications of this decision, we will first examine a general overview of [read more]

Can a super fund reject excess contributions

Can a super fund reject excess contributions?

An SMSF trustee is required to reject contributions in certain circumstances. This rejection rule can prove very helpful for overcoming an excess non-concessional contribution (‘NCC’). Advisers must be aware of how this rule works if they seek to rely on it. Fund-capped contributions can be rejected Regulation 7.04(3) of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Regulations 1994 [read more]

Temporary incapacity can provide welcome relief

Temporary incapacity can provide welcome relief

Most of us are aware that superannuation benefits can be paid out on retirement (ie, after attaining your preservation age), as well as on suffering permanent incapacity and on death. However, many are not aware that our super savings can also provide some welcome relief on suffering temporary incapacity. Those that suffer temporary incapacity can [read more]


Honey, I lost the deed!

The question seems simple enough — what should you do when the trust deed for a self managed superannuation fund (‘SMSF’) is lost? The answer to this question is becoming increasingly important as more and more trust deeds are being misplaced or lost. This article offers a solution that may be appropriate for some SMSF [read more]


SMSFs buying overseas property – tips & traps

Introduction Overseas property investment may appear attractive to many; such as an investment in an apartment in Paris, a Balinese beachfront villa, or a ski chalet in Colorado. However, when an SMSF is the purchaser there are a number of compliance tips and traps to navigate. SMSF trustees can purchase property either by an outright [read more]