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Discretionary Family Trust

 Softcopy *
Discretionary / Family Trust$300
* Add $75 for hard copy

What’s in our package?

This package provides the necessary documents to establish a discretionary or family trust. It includes:

  • Letter
  • Relevant ATO forms
  • Trustee minutes
  • Memo and
  • Deed

Note: Stamp duty is $200 in Victoria, $500 in NSW and $50 in both Tasmania and the NT (broadly, provided there is no dutiable property at the time of execution).

In Victoria you must lodge deeds for stamping with a registered Duties Online organisation. DBA Lawyers can assist you with stamping your deeds in Victoria at a cost of $265 (including $200 duty, our handling fee and postage).

A Duty Summary for each state and territory‘s duty criteria and whether and where to stamp is included in our package.

Corporate Trustees of Discretionary Trusts

If you are establishing a new discretionary trust, you should consider the advantages of a corporate trustee over individual trustees.  The long-term benefits of a company generally outweigh the up-front cost of incorporation.  Some of the main advantages are:

  • Asset protection for the directors from third party claims
  • Greater protection from trustee taxation liabilities
  • Clear separation of ownership of trust assets from individually owned assets
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