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Webinar on SMSF reserves

Today the ATO issued SMSF Regulator’s Bulletin SRB 2018/1 ‘The use of reserves by self-managed superannuation funds’, which is the most comprehensive material that the ATO has ever released on the use of reserves in SMSF. In particular, SRB 2018/1 highlights the ATO’s concerns about new and emerging arrangements that pose potential risks to SMSFs from a superannuation and tax law perspective. This webinar is solely dedicated to this topic. In this webinar, I will address:

  • What are the ATO’s concerns in relation to SMSFs and the use of reserves?
  • What does SRB 2018/1 mean for contribution reserving strategies?
  • ‘Help! My client has reserves? What should I do now?’
  • What reserves are allowable?
  • What is the impact of the 1 July 2017 super reforms such as the TBC and TSB?
  • What reserves are not allowable and why?
  • What will the ATO be closely scrutinising?
  • What action should be taken?
  • What documents need to be in place?
  • Practical examples, tips, traps and worked case studies

To register to watch it live or for a recorded version, visit

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