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SMSF Auditor’s Kit

Daniel Butler ([email protected]), Director and Bryce Figot ([email protected]), Special Counsel, DBA Lawyers

Since the beginning of 2018, there have been many important changes for SMSF auditors. These changes also impact the rest of the SMSF industry. DBA Lawyers is now offering an SMSF Auditor’s Kit.


This kit provides a single licence for multi-use by one office of a firm for a 12 month period.

This kit contains practical guidance on many important recent legal developments for auditors in the SMSF industry. This kit also includes suggested template wording to include in the auditor’s key documents, such as limitation of scope and disclaimers that can be included in an auditor’s engagement letter.

This kit also includes:

  • a detailed memo that covers the following topics:
    • PS LA 2018/1: what it means for each auditor
    • Recent case law involving auditors and SMSFs and recommendations to avoid similar pitfalls and traps
    • Total superannuation balance, transfer balance cap and auditing
    • What to do if there is an attempt by a person to unduly influence the auditor conducting the audit
    • Client terminating the auditor’s engagement
    • Importance of the engagement letter and what should be included
    • The ATO’s views on auditing an SMSF
    • What to expect in a review or audit of an auditor
    • Much more
  • a checklist of issues for auditors to consider in light of the recent legal developments.

Special pricing available


The price for this kit is $660. However, there is a special price ($550) for those who have registered for the live version or a recording of the December 2018 webinar on ‘Latest changes for auditors’.

How to order

Click here to place an order and please let us know whether you registered for the live version or a recording of the December 2018 webinar on ‘Latest changes for auditors’.  To register for this webinar, please click here.


Auditors should check that they are aware of all the recent legal developments relating to their field. They should also check that their processes and documents are up-to-date in light of these recent legal developments.

DBA Lawyers offers a range of consulting services for SMSF auditors. DBA Lawyers can also represent SMSF auditors in ATO matters. DBA Lawyers also offers a wide range of document services.

For more information about the SMSF Auditor’s Kit, please refer to this link:

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Note: DBA Lawyers hold SMSF CPD training at venues all around. For more details or to register, visit or call 03 9092 9400.

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