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Excess non-concessional contributions to be abolished … but a trap exists!

The recent Federal Budget announcement that excess non-concessional contributions will be abolished is great news. However, there is a trap that means advisers still can’t afford to let their guard down when it comes to contributions and careful monitoring is still required. The announcement The Federal Budget contained the following announcement, which was ‘music to [read more]


The deficiency in many SMSF deeds

The decision of EM Squared Pty Ltd v Hassan [2010] SASC 62 has absolutely critical implications for SMSF succession planning, yet few have ever heard of it. (The case is also sometimes cited as Re Australian Motors SA Pty Ltd Staff Superannuation Fund.) This article seeks to detail the vital messages of the case. In [read more]


DBA Lawyers in Asset magazine — The tax trap for super death benefits paid to a deceased estate

This article originally appeared in the March 2014 edition of Asset Magazine (Financial Review). If superannuation death benefits are paid to the estate, a quirk in the law can mean higher tax and increased administration costs. Advisers are well-placed to add value by alerting clients and lawyers to this possible tax trap. Where does a [read more]

ATO ID 2014-2 and pensions deceased estate

ATO ID 2014/2 and pensions to a deceased estate?

Some advisers may have previously recommended that there are opportunities to continue paying a pension following a member’s death to their deceased estate. However, ATO ID 2014/2 provides a real hurdle to this strategy! (Note that this has been a somewhat busy time for the ATO and interpretative decisions regarding pensions. The ATO also recently [read more]


Lecturing at Melbourne University — handout available

Since 2010 I’ve been lecturing at Melbourne University, presenting the SMSF component of the Master of Laws subject ‘Superannuation Law‘. Melbourne University is my ‘alma mater’. I fully enjoyed studying there for my undergraduate degrees and masters degree and I’m always very happy to be able to give back to the legal community. I’m lecturing [read more]